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BLUF: Here’s a single JavaScript (JSOM) file you can use to add a JavaScript file reference on every page in SharePoint Online (Office 365) without an App!

Scenario: You need to run some JavaScript on every page in your site collection in SharePoint Online (Office 365). You don’t want to use a custom master page (because Microsoft is now recommending you not do this anymore), AND you don’t want to have to write an App to do something this simple. I was in this exact situation last week and I wanted a quick but effective way to handle this situation. I kept thinking that there has to be an easy way to do this without an App or a custom master page. GOOD NEWS, THERE IS.

JSOM to the rescue! After a bit of searching around the Internet, I found a couple of great references: here and here. They were so close but I needed to do a little tweaking to get it just right. I just wanted ONE single file that does everything for me. When a simple, single file solution didn’t exist, I created one (mostly from the previous references) and posted it to my GitHub account here! *Note I could not find a way to get CSS with HTC references working (example here). Please let me know if you can and how.

Step 1: Download RegisterJavaScript.js and alert.js (this is the file you want registered on every page in Office 365) from GitHub. Important! Comment out the following lines, then save.

Step 2: Upload them both to your Office 365 tenant. Upload the alert.js file to the “Site Assets” document library. Upload the RegisterJavaScript.js file to any document library you wish.

Step 3: Create a new page. Call it anything you wish, as you will delete this after one use. I called mine “RegisterScript”.

Step 4: Add a Content Editor Web Part to the page and link it to the RegisterJavaScript.js file. Be sure you followed Step 1 and commented out the lines.

Step 5: Save the page, refresh the page, and make sure there are no errors.

Step 6: Uncomment the lines you commented out earlier and in a different tab reupload to the Site Assets library.

Step 7: Refresh the RegisterScript page again. You should see a success pop up!

Step 8: DO NOT REFRESH THE PAGE. Click ok. Close that tab. Do not save anything. From the other tab you have open, click the link for Site Contents. Navigate to the document library where your new page is and DELETE IT. If it is successful, you only need to run this one time.

Step 9: Verify via JavaScript tools. For this example I will show the F12 Developer Tools for Internet Explorer.

DONE! All-in-one file using JSOM you have registered your JavaScript file in SharePoint Online (Office 365) on every page. I have tested this in multiple Office 365 tenants.

I hope this is easy, simple, and helps. Please leave comments or feedback so that it can help others.

Tim Ferro

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